Getting Laravel Set Up

I've recorded a series to illustrate how to get a Laravel project set up on your development machine. I cover creating a virtual machine, installing Laravel, using Git for version control, and setting up our project in PHPStorm.

Part 1.

Topics covered

  • Using PuPHPet to get a VM created and provisioned

Part 2.

Topics covered

  • Adding a line to your hosts file
  • Using Vim
  • Creating a Laravel project using Composer
  • Changing folder/file permissions for Laravel

Part 3.

Topics covered

  • Adding the project in PHPStorm
  • Using Composer to install a helper package for PHPStorm
  • Setting up PHPUnit in PHPStorm

Part 4.

Topics covered

  • Configuring the database connection
  • Creating and running a Laravel migration
  • Using Git and BitBucket to track our project
  • Configuring Sequel Pro to connect to our database
  • Setting up Git in PHPStorm

Categories: PHP

Tags: Vagrant, Puppet, PuPHPet, Laravel, Beginner